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The new, updated list is here: After dear Nollis ([ profile] fearmyblowtorch) managed to do an updated list of Currently Played Characters, I'm posting the characters still needing someone to play them. To make it easier to remember certain persons I linked all of them to their respective BioShock Wikia page and/or wrote a short description behind the name. Also missing are a few Splicer types as well as more Little Sisters and Big Daddies.

Last Update: 01/03/2011


Main Characters:
Andrew Ryan [info]nogodsnokings 
Atlas  [ profile] not_a_liberator 

Major Characters:
Julie Langford [info]virgintoryan

Minor Characters:
Albert Milonakis (The guy ranting about the Oxford Club Cigarettes in an Audio Diary found in Fort Frolic)
Angelina (Mentioned in an Audio Diary. She had a date with Dieter Sonnekalb in Arcadia)
Anton Kinkaide (Founder of Rapture Metro, only mentioned during the loading screen)
Anya Andersdotter (Designer of women's shoes, planed to assassinate Andrew Ryan but was killed because of a mistake) [ profile] notanassassin 
Bill McDonagh (Contractor, Member of the City Council, tried to kill Andrew Ryan to stop the ongoing civil war but died trying)
Brenda (Splicer, owner of the Kashmir Restaurant, romantically involved with Charlie)
Charlie (Splicer, romantically involved with Brenda)
Dieter Sonnekalb (Left an Audio Diary in the Tea Garden, Arcadia, in which he mentions a date with Angelina)
Hector Rodriguez (One of Cohen's disciples) [ profile] nofuckinservice  [ profile] liquorlullaby 
Johnny (Splicer?, One of Atlas' helpers, dies during the first minutes in Rapture through the hands of a Spider Splicer) [ profile] meantnotrespass 
Kyburz (Supervisor in Hephaestus, from Australia, tried to built a bomb to overload the energy core in order to get into Ryan's office and kill him) [ profile] fuckingbombs 
Lloyd Webster (President of the Circus of Values)
Marianne Dellahunt (Known only for a single loading screen quote, lived in a Mercury Suites apartment)
Mariska Lutz (Mother of Masha Lutz, daughter became a Little Sister, wife of Samuel (Sammy) Lutz, rented a small room in "Fighting McDonaghs")
Martin Finnegan
(One of Cohen's disciples) [ profile] fuckingcometh 
Pablo Navarro (Worker in Hephaestus) [ profile] hackthecity 
Pierre Gobbi (Left an Audio Diary in Farmer's Market, ranting about the owner of Worley Winery because he mixes the wine with water, talks with a French accent) [ profile] pierre_gobbi [ profile] waterinwine 
Roland Wallace (Test subject for the "Enrage"-Plasmid, mentioned in one of Suchong's Audio Diaries)
Rose (Spider Splicer, killed Johnny, leaves rose petals behind whenever she disappears/flees in Neptune's Bounty)
Rosenberg (Mentioned in an Audio Diary of Andrew Ryan, apparently a collegue of Ryan)
Sammy G. (One of Fontaine's followers, was killed by Fontaine after he planned to stop working for him and turn him in)
Samuel Lutz (Husband of Mariska Lutz, father of Masha Lutz, mentioned in the Audio Diaries of his wife)
Steve Barker (Owner of a theater neighbouring the Kashmir Restaurant, he left an Audio Diary in which he rants about a hole in the bathroom wall of Brenda's Restaurant)
Sullivan (Head of the Rapture security, followed the orders he received from Andrew Ryan but often questioned them in his Audio Diaries) [ profile] insecurity_man 
Tasha Denu (Owned the Bee Hives in Farmer's Market, had a dispute with Julie Langford) [ profile] keepingbees 
Timmy H. (One of Fontaine's followers, got caught by Sullivan and the security and died during the interrogation)
Winston Hoffner
(No real informations can be found about him, he died before Jack arrived in Rapture and several memorial portraits can be seen in the game)

Mentioned Characters:
Epstein (Comrade on Atlas' raid for ADAM, he got killed trying to get his hand's on the Little Sister)
Faith Farthingworth (Died April 14, 1942. Daughter of Horace and Jennifer Farthingworth. Her name is found on the head stones in the Tea Garden) [ profile] buriedintea 
Gregory (A business owner in the Farmer's Market. The Audio Diary, "Offer a Better Product", is a message to him from Andrew Ryan)
Horace Farthingworth (Father of Faith Farthingworth)
Jennifer Farthingworth (Mother of Faith Farthingworth)
McGee (One of Atlas' followers, was killed in a raid for ADAM in Apollo Square)
S. Finneran M.D. (A doctor working out of the Medical Pavilion. His name is found on a sign, south of the Enwell Life And Health Group)
Valette (Follower of Atlas, died in the ADAM raid with Epstein and McGee)
Patrick (Officer of Rapture's security force under Sullivan, as heard in "Timmy H. Interrogation" Audio Diary)
Patrick (Atlas' and Moira's son) [ profile] nonexistent_son 

Removed Characters:
Captain Cal Franklin (Captain of the Apollo Air Flight DF-0301 (Jack's flight), was heard in removed audio)

BioShock 2:

Main Characters:
Augustus Sinclair [info]suspendin  [ profile] fingerinyourpie [ profile] oneforthe_money 

Major Characters:
Grace Holloway
Simon Wales

Minor Characters:
Ava Tate (Collegue of Sander Cohen, French movie star) [ profile] theatreisdead 
"Big Kate" O'Malley (Supervisor of the maintenance workers at the Adonis Luxury Resort, warned Bill McDonagh about the dangers in pipe structure of Dionysus Park) [ profile] attnworkers 
Billy Parson (Little boy, son of Harold and Gloria Parson, saw a Little Sister and was fascinated by her, offering her a present) [ profile] yelloweyedgirls 
Carlson Fiddle (Built the puppets in Ryan Amusements and the park itself) [ profile] oldsheepdog 
Connor (Prisoner in Persephone)
Daniel Wales (Splicer, brother of Simon Wales, one of the primary architects of Rapture, runs the Pink Pearl brothel) [ profile] dozenfeckndoves 
Devin LeMaster (Worker in Ryan Amusements, left an Audio Diary with a dating tip for a friend named Jimbo) [ profile] lemasteroflove 
Dodge (Prisoner in Persephone)
Dr. Edward Grimes (Physician, worked under Dr. Lamb in Persephone, involved in the new Little Sister program)
Dusky Donovan (Prostitute, worked in the Pink Pearl) [ profile] allofthemen 
Elliot Nelson (Lived in Pauper's Drop, worked for Sinclair)
Gideon Wyborn (Built the paper butterflies for the members of The Family to wear as a badge)
Gloria Parson (Wife of Harold Parson, mother of Billy Parson, thinks her husband ran off with a female employee of his book store)
Harold Darby (Apparently either worker or prisoner in Perseophne, bad memory, tried to use an Audio Diary to remember a door code)
Harold Parson (Husband of Gloria Parson, father of Billy Parson, owned a book store but was brought to Persephone after speaking up against Ryan, committed suicide in his cell)
Jackie Rodkins (Heard about Simon Wales services in Siren Alley and planned on going there)
Leo Hartwig (Brute Splicer, worked for Sinclair and developed a formula to built more muscle mass and strength)
Mattson (Prisoner in Persephone)
Mike Novak (Visited Lamb for therapy sessions and started to support her)
Murphy (Prisoner in Persephone) [ profile] betacoefficient 
Nigel Weir (Warden of Persephone, helped Lamb by sending her prisoners for experiments)
Nina Carnegie (A chaperone for the children that were having a sleepover in Ryan Amusements during New Year's Eve 1958) [ profile] fordemchildren 
Prentice Mill (Founder of the Atlantic Express) [ profile] waitinferatrain 
Rachelle Jacques (Visitor of the Adonis Luxury Resort, enjoyed sports, in her Audio Diary she rants about her husband Steven Jacques being lazy and just using gene tonics to stay fit)
Rock Flanagan (Private investigator in Rapture, had no clients and therefore forced to sell his Research Camera)
Sammy Fletcher (Tried to escape from Rapture with his wife/girlfriend? Lizzy but drowned along with her when the bathysphere they stole got hit by a torpedo)
Silas Bantam (Owner of the gift shop in Ryan Amusements)
Thomas (Prisoner in Persephone)
Tobias Riefers (Worker at the Fontaine Clinics in Pauper's Drop, he had to come up with new door codes to keep residents from entering the building)
Wilson (Prisoner in Persephone, watched Johnny Topside/Subject Delta fighting four guards)

Mentioned Characters:

Amir (Childhood friend of Eleanor Lamb, owned a book about the surface) [ profile] dawgeater 
Dan Tate (proprietor of Tate Wineries; mentioned in the help note for Tate Merlot)
Dr. Shyera (Name on a plaque in Fontaine Clinics, apparently worked there)
Dr. Tjan (Name on a plaque in Fontaine Clinics, apparently worked there)

Donny (One of the children having the sleepover at Ryan Amusements)
James (Apparently Grace Holloway's lover, disappeard after speaking against Ryan)
Dr. James Hollcroft (A mountebank in Skid Row, invented the "Dr. Hollcroft's Cure All") [ profile] stiffcollar 
Jimbo (Mentioned in Devin LeMaster's Audio Diary with the dating tips, worked at Ryan Amusements)
Lizzy (Tried to escape from Rapture with her husband or boyfriend Sammy Fletcher but drowned in the bathysphere) [ profile] neverescape 
Ms. Englert (Teacher of the children that were having the sleepover at Ryan Amusements)
Rupert (Frequently visited the prostitutes of the Pink Pearl in Siren Alley, wanted one of the prostitutes to splice up during sex)
Stephen Jacques (Husband of Rachelle Jacques, used gene tonics to stay fit instead of sport)
Tommy Hanrahan (Drank and spliced, tried to use the Scout plasmid to sneak into the women's dressing room at Adonis Luxury Resort)
Wilson Freeman
(Sold ties before the Civil War, perhaps the same person as the prisoner Wilson)

Removed Characters:

Davis Pittman (Security guard in Ryan Amusements)
Jean-Paul Beauregard (A French mime working as a clown in Ryan Amusements)
Julianne Corona (Citizen that was still alive after the first Little Sisters were rescued at the end of the first game)
Sgt Earl Manley
(Part of Ryan's forces during Civil War but later joined Lamb's side)

BioShock 2 Multiplayer:

Main Characters:
Buck Raleigh (Businessman) [ profile] ivegotthebeetus 
Danny Wilkins (Athlete)
Suresh Sheti (Mystic) [ profile] wannaseeadick 

Pre-Order Exclusives and BioShock 2 Character Pack:

Zigo d’Acosta (Fisherman)

Sinclair Solutions Tester Pack:

Oscar Calraca (Playboy)

Mentioned Characters:

Adelaide Tobet
Bernon White
Clara Raleigh
Ditty White
Elise Tobet
Fred Johnson
Joey Glatz
Michael Tobet
Rapture Standard's Editor
Susie Johnson
Vera Prescott

Minerva's Den

Minor Characters:
Audrey Hesselgren
Brent Hudson
Christopher di Remo
Ernestine Franklin
Evelyn Klein
Felix Birnbaum
Johan Mordhagen
Nicholas Ingraham

More Infos will follow - soon.

There's Something in the Sea:

Main Characters:
Mark Meltzer [ profile] dadonamission 

Jeremiah Lynch
Orrin Oscar Lutwidge

Minor Characters:
Amanda Kay Meltzer
Benny Stango [info]notbythebook 
Captain Casey Ferrence
Carleton Rede
Celeste Roget [ profile] inoursolitude 
Charles Molley
Dash H. Carmady
Dr. Howard Lyman
James Millard Oakes
Lee Wilson Seward
Lex Harlan
Roscoe Inman
Ulrich Broder

Mentioned Characters:
Doc Miller
Dr. Richard Clerkwell
Elgar Vankin
Flann McDonagh
May J. Carmody
Mimi Tabor

In case you decide to play one of the mentioned characters in the list - feel free to comment on this entry so that I'm able to update the list.


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