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An updated list of all characters of BioShock and which ones are currently being played.
Currently in that case means:
Either during the last two or three months as far as I can remember or
Characters of a player that posted with another character during the last two or three months but that were played the last six months.
Sorry if I forgot someone here. Just send me a message then?

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What the hell.

... what.

Oct. 12th, 2010 08:52 pm
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have you dirty thoughts??
wants to pound you till you break the headboardnotbythebook
wants to tongue bathe youvirgintoryan
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Uhm... okay... so both Langfords are trying to do dirty things with me? Runs in the family I guess...
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Something a little more character related than the other entries in the journal.
Note: It's still in German, but I will try and translate it as soon as possible...
Note²: The translation is now finished.
Note³: If you see any mistakes please tell me.

The quote in the beginning gave me the inspiration to write the text. It is part of the removed Survivors Audio Diary.

Why do I survive - when others do not? First the prison camp, then Rapture. Both times I become the right breed of monster to continue my work...

German version )

English version )
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The new, updated list is here: BioShock Characters )

BioShock 2:

BioShock 2 Characters )

BioShock 2 Multiplayer:

BioShock 2 Multiplayer Characters )

Minerva's Den

Minerva's Den )

There's Something in the Sea:

There's Something in the Sea Characters )

In case you decide to play one of the mentioned characters in the list - feel free to comment on this entry so that I'm able to update the list.
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Favorite ice cream
Favorite season
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Stolen from [ profile] breadloser 

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Thinks you're a douche:urfuckingfired
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Stalks you:not_harry_mason
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"Aber all dein Geld auf die Gänsemutter zu setzen, na na na... is ja nicht so, als wärst du noch nie auf die Nase gefallen..." - Frank Fontaine
["But layin' all your chips on Mother Goose -- it's not like you never been double-crossed before..."]

Because some people already asked.

To make it short and simple: Gaensemutter, or rather Gänsemutter is the German word for "mother goose" c:
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Time for the normal empty space filling first entry!
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